T Stands for Temporary and Transformation

In order to get Mr. X, I needed a Mr. Temp. A Mr. T is someone who is close enough to intimidate a new potential yet far enough for him not to be taken too seriously. It’s the guy who’s “been trying so hard to get us together” but at the same time you’re “very hesitant because you think you want someone a little more mature and accomplished…” Enter Mr. X with muscles flexed ready to win you over with his accomplishments. A Mr. T is also used as a distraction to make sure you keep it cool and aloof in the first few months of dating a Mr. X.

Not any man can be a proper Mr. T; choose someone too basic and you risk making yourself seem less desirable, but also choose someone too good and you risk seeming like an ungrateful bitch and Mr. X will worry that you’d treat him the same way.

The formula for a perfect Mr. T is this:  good family (equivalent or even better than your Mr. X) + lots of money – good personality.

And I have (or should I say, HAD) a perfect Mr. T.

You see with my Mr. T, who i’ve left hanging out in the cold for the past three years was freaked out when I went from “not interested” to “let’s meet up baby, it’s been a while.” I think the rush of hot water from all those years out in the cold intimidated him and at the same time gave him an unnecessary ego boost. He decided it wasn’t a good idea for us to meet anymore. I knew he wanted us to meet though, he just wanted me to beg for it (again, Mr. T’s had bad personalities remember?) I told him it was fine by me and headed out to dinner with two of my girlfriends. He continued to text me telling me not to misunderstand, trying desperately to turn it into a conversation that would end with me asking him again to meet and insisting that we did. Instead I responded with one word each time, leaving a twenty minute gap between each text. When I left the restaurant I had three missed calls from him to which I responded with a text saying I was out and busy and would try to get back to him later. He said he wasn’t buying it and I ignored.

That’s where the conversation ended. Usually i would never consider wasting my time on him but this time I really needed him around. And the bigger of a dick he was the better he fit into my plan. I know Mr. T will eventually call back and make up some stupid excuse as to why he couldn’t see me…but until then I had other things to work on, but more on that in the next post!


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