Hush Now, Idiot

Like I mentioned before, I have always been the therapist of the group. The feminist pep-talker who will gladly rush out to meet you for coffee and discuss all your relationship-woes whilst nodding eagerly and agreeing that “of course he was intimidated by you, why else would he bang that hot young blonde?” And “yes, I can see why you’re getting back together even though he banged her sister too..” 

Being that person and also a deeply sensitive human being who almost always takes things personally (fine not almost, i ALWAYS ALWAYS do) i’ve been known to become “affected” by any random comment a person makes at me. 

If I mentioned to my friends my interest in this guy 101 negative comments would be thrown at me, all disguised as “innocent advice” when actually they were thinly veiled messages that said “you’re not cut out to get a guy like that”… “He’s too much of a player” .. “Why don’t you focus on having flings because it would be tragic for us if you got Mr X at your first attempt while we fucked it all up for half a dozen years with worthless losers.” 

At the same time i’m worried about “alerting the pack” of this fresh piece of meat. Why risk it? Also, do I sound insane enough or should I keep talking? 

Either way, i’m making a decision not to include anyone I know in this process so that I can think clearly every step of the way and not do, say, or feel anything solely because of someone elses comment that may or may not have a hidden agenda behind it.

I’ve already been brainstorming a few ideas for my grand plan, but first I need to lay low and do some ground work. More on that in my next post… 


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