The Idiot Didn’t Hush! 

So I should just clarify how much of a master I am at saying I won’t do things then rushing out and doing them.. Which is why yesterday I accidentally got carried away and spilled my thoughts and plans for Mr. X to my closest girlfriends. They had doubts, which honestly shouldn’t mean anything but I make it a hobby to second guess myself every step of the way in life so I went to bed with my head spinning with thoughts. But they all didn’t revolve around Mr. X. 

There might be another Mr. in the Mix. Let’s call him Mr. Maybe. This is a man who I kept bumping into in the building where I worked, he’s an accomplished hedge-fund manager,  attractive and so adorable when he nervously attemped to approach me twice before chickening out. It’s one of those situations where you’re insanely attracted to the way the person looks, I remember joking to a friend about how this chemistry was what office affairs were made of. I didn’t know much about him but we live in a small small world after all.

As I flipped through a friend’s Instagram account last night lo and behold there he was in one of her group pics. Turns out he’s her husband’s brother and from what i’ve heard about them, he was definitely worth a second look into. The small glitch is there’s a wife in the picture, and obviously I wouldn’t ever consider being with a married man, but his behaviour got me wondering if they could possibly be divorced? 

Being the obsessive stalker that I am I managed to find every social media account he and his wife had and managed to note that neither one is following the other on any of them. But that’s about all I could manage to find.. 

Anyway, i’ve overworked myself in the stalking department and i’m exhausted and need a break which is perfect because I have a short beach-filled girls trip planned for next week and I so desperately need it! In the meantime i’m leaving it up to the universe to give me a sign and point me into a direction (or into an elevator for a hot making out session with one of them). 

On a brighter note i’ve lost 2.5 pounds (my goal is to lose 20 more..) and my trainer is coming over again today! I need to hire backup dancers to come into work with me when I reach my target weight because imma twerk and hair flip my way to my desk.


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