The Sign That Came

I’m going to be honest, i considered stopping this blog after forty-eight hours of “no sign” but a week or so down the line IT CAME.

It was a small one, but it was enough for the Universe to tell me to hang in there. 

Mr. Maybe is married so he’s out of the mix but the past Tuesday as I conversed with a co-worker in the hallway, guess who shows up? MR. X! AND HE INTRODUCES HIMSELF. I wish I could say I handled the situation with grace, but the sad truth is my face turned red, I nervously played with my hair and opened and shut my mouth like i was nemo suffocating out of water. I’m sure he was more than impressed. 

He’s less attractive up close, which just gave me a bigger ego boost, but he was bursting with energy and much friendlier than I had expected (which shot my ego back down to its normal place). My image of the quiet, recluse of a man has been shattered.

In the meantime, i’ve set up a few consultations with plastic surgeons because I want to get breast augmentation surgery before the end of the year. If anyone has had one or knows someone who has, can you please let me know what I should expect in terms of recovery?! 


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